Herbert Schuch has always been fascinated by the sound of bells. So it’s hardly surprising that he created a programme under the motto “Call of the bells”, with which he can now be seen on stage.
Just now the pianist, “who wants to do more than just play beautifully”  convinced the audience at the Berlin Philharmonie withthe “malleability of his tone” and the “logic of his tonal language”, with the result that you could think of “listening to a whole orchestra” (Tagesspiegel, March, 5, 2013).
Until the middle of March, Herbert Schuch performs his bell compositions “fetching the whole acoustic wonderland of their role models” (Berliner Zeitung, March, 5, 2013) in Gran Canaria and Friedrichshafen.Afterwards, he will give concerts in New York (April, 23) and in Dresden as soloist with the Dresdner Philharmoniker (April 23-24).

Please find a current interview with him in the newspaper Tagesspiegel here.